Bass Amplifier Qube 450

  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450
  • Bass Amplifier Qube 450

Bass Amplifier Qube 450

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Perfect control over the sound

Taurus Qube - 450 bass head is the smallest and the lightest bass amplifier in Taurus' amps line. The compact size of the head is attained by applying the newest, most advanced technology. The SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) power supply and Class D power amplifier in conjuction with classic analog preamp provide great efficency, power, dynamics and sound selectivity.

Make it sound better

MLO it is unique equalizer for bass guitar designed by Taurus Amp.

The MLO (Mid-Level Optimization) system is Taurus’ proprietary system, allowing for easy, intuitive and extremely comfortable optimization of the overall sound of the bass guitar.

The MLO System provides all-new possibilities. It ensures the most accurate proportion of medium frequencies in accordance with your manual settings of bass and trebles. This very intuitive and logical system supports a musician's choice for the most desirable sound.

In addition, the MLO equalizer ensures virtually no change in overall volume while changing the bass frequencies. Unlike most amps, when adjusting bass frequency, the musician notices a change in the sound not the volume.

To sum up, the equalisation in the MLO keeps you within the correct range, at the same time allowing you to use the maximum potential of equalization of the bass sound. This is a big advantage compared to a classic solution, where you need to watch certain frequencies carefully to avoid overloading the speakers.

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Power output

450W RMS / 4ohm , 300W RMS / 8ohm

Main Features

analog preamp / PA class-D / SMPS


passive & active


tube 12ax7 and solid – switchable for two chanells





BASS and TREBLE equalizer

with "MLO system" (Middle-range Level Optimization)

Triple BASS-switch

to reduce or boost low frequency [DBS-cut/OFF/DBS-boost]

Triple TREBLE-switch

to reduce or boost high frequency [CUT/OFF/PRESENCE]


button - increases sonic expression. Two different sound modes available Punch-1 and Punch-2


40Hz +/-10dB @400Hz -/+4dB

BASS boost/cut

60Hz +/-6dB


2kHz +7dB / 550Hz -7dB


6kHz +15dB / 8kHz -15dB

TREBLE Boost/Cut

6kHz +8dB/-10dB


300Hz +6dB


950Hz +6dB






short circuit, thermal overload, power overload
Forced cooling system

Casing Height

2.60 in

Casing Width

7.48 in

Casing Depth

9.45 in

Overall Height

2.60 in

Overall Width

7.48 in

Overall Depth

10.63 in


5.7 lbs



Taurus Artists: Felton Crews

Taurus Qube-450 Bass Head Demo

Taurus Qube-450 bass amp

Taurus Artists: Oscar Morgado

Indonesian Bass Channel

Guillermo Chicharro

Jordi Vendrell


Gold reward for Qube-450! / Review by guitar portal E-GITARA.NET.PL 26.08.2010.

After the time spent in the company of new Taurus amplifier my opinion about skill and professionalism of Sopot based engineers has been strengthen again. Box Electronics is not chasing the... read more »

Qube-450 / Basista 2010-10

Even on flat EQ setting the Taurus Qube –450 produces great sound. It showcases its quality. No need to nervously crank the knobs to find this “thing”. The “ thing “ is already there.... read more »

Taurus Qube-450 ultralight bass amp / TOP BASS 10/2011

The smallest bass amp among Taurus’s products but still not the weakest one . I have fallen in love with this baby at once, its flexibilities just overgrew my expectations. The Qube-450... read more »

Taurus Qube-450 ultralight bass amp / Gitarre & Bass 3/2012

As we expected, the handy Qube is a powerful amplifier, which in a sovereign and effective way keeps the producer’s promise. Even at the neutral setting, the bass sound is juicy and catchy in... read more »

Qube-450 / TN210 / Guitarrista 2012 / 165

This is the smallest among the bass amplifiers offered by Taurus Amplification. The amplifier drew our attention immediately, but only after testing it with the TN-210 cabinet did we find its full... read more »

Qube-450, TS112N / Bass Quarterly 5/2012 Sept/Okt

“less means more" As it comes to mini amps, such manufacturers as TecAmp, Aquilar and Glockenklang have raised the bar high Now Taurus, a Polish company, has offered its product. ...Polish... read more »

Bass Amp. QUBE-450 / Amazona 01/2015

--------------------------- +Lightness +Saturated output power +Design and handy controls +Sound and EQ concept +All-round skills --------------------------- -Fan noise - No mounting... read more »


Who used this product

Luis Gomez

Anna Portalupi

Guillermo Chicharro

Felton Crews

Colin Bass