ABIGAR - Bass Drive

  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive
  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive
  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive
  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive
  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive
  • ABIGAR - Bass Drive

ABIGAR - Bass Drive

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Perfect control over the sound

The ABIGAR MK-2 is an extremely versatile bass guitar DRIVE from the latest Taurus effects line.
The most significant feature of the ABIGAR, imperative for the sound of instruments, is it's dynamic "Drive" which still keeps even the most distorted sound of bass guitar in full range of attack and pulsation.  
Using the ABIGAR Mk-2 the warm sound of tube amplifier as well as extreme MODERN- DRIVE are very easily obtainable.

Designed with precision

Redesigned to better fit your pedalboard with a smaller, lighter build than its predecessors, the Taurus Abigar MK2 is equipped with an incredible range of bass drive. From classic tube to modern tones, its versatility is matched by its level of control, with five adjustment knobs that include bass and treble EQ. Plus, it’s compatible with the standard 9-volt DC power supply.

Technical Details

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Power supply

9-12 V

Polarity auto detection

allows using either centre-positive or negative polarity on power supply130Watt

DC assistant

protection against signal loss. If disconnected or the voltage is lower then 6V the effect is automatically switched to the "bypass" mode

DC converter

Built-in voltage converter which increases voltage of effect's power supply to 24V. It guarantees very high sound's dynamic (headroom) and eliminates any problems related to active electronics installed in the guitar


overall effect volume


balance and mix between VINTAGE and MODERN sound


amount of overdrive


low frequencies level control


high frequencies level control


2.56 in


3.78 in


5.67 in


1.10 lbs


Wojtek Pilichowski - soundcheck 1

Wojtek Pilichowski - soundcheck 2

Abigar DEMO


Abigar - Bass DRIVE / Muzyk 11-2014

------------------------------------ + Great sound capabilities + Aesthetic design + Solid construction + Simple operation ------------------------------------ - Not reported... read more »

Bass Drive Abigar Mk-2 / Premier Guitar - 05-2015

The sensitivity of the EQ controls is off the charts. Slight adjustments unlock a wealth of contrasting tones. The Taurus Abigar Mk-2 is a simple but excellent overdrive that won’t bury your... read more »


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