Free Shipping
in Europe

5 years warranty
for every product

Test our products
to 6 weeks for free

Pay just for the product


We offer free shipping valid for all orders in Europe*.

No matter how many products you buy or how large they are, there's no shipping price at all.

The package with Taurus products will be secured with extra care, to be sure that your order will be safe during transportation.


*this offer is only for customers from Europe. When shipping to another continent, we will charge the standard price of package, depends on it's weight.

Be secured for 5 years


Every product bought from us or our partners has a 5 year warranty (starting from a first day of leaving production line*), so even if You intend to use products under extreme stage conditions, we got You secured for a long time.

The warranty covers repairing inside damage as well as the outside defects, and every repair will be recorded in the product registry via it's ID number.


*We are producing Taurus equipment in a less quantity to have sure that every product that client would buy, will be freshly made and sent straight from the testing line.

Unique Handcrafting


We are sure about quality of our products, because it's made fully by us. Every product goes through hands of specialists that have many years of experience with music engineering.

Before product leaves the production line, it's tested and marked with unique ID number, so that means every device from Taurus Amplifier factory has it's own life and it was treaten individually.


Try product for free


We are actually working on application regarding testing product for free for limited time.

If you are already interested in this type of collaboration, contact us through e-mail or phone, just click here.