I like trying new things. I ask questions and try to find answers to them and what matters most - I know what I want. I consistently strive to achieve my objectives. I have no dreams. I am a sceptical realist.

I have a mind of my own. I do not rely on the opinions of others. However, it does not mean that I don't listen to them. I experimentally verify each new spectrum of possibilities and choose the ones which fit me the best rather than copy other people's ideas. I then modify them so that they meet my expectations.

So it was with Taurus amplifier. I could expatiate on the the sound, possibilities, aesthetic aspects and its practicality. However, If I were to write anything about this, it would be just a few words. In short, Tite a haurus amplifier completely meets my expectations and gives me the opportunity to uncover new areas in the field of music. I urge you not to trust me or believe me but check it yourself. Give it a chance and test this amazing stuff. You will be surprised, damn surprised!

Piotr uses THD-450 amplifier.

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